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Natural Healing or Teaching


About Igor

I have practiced Alternative Medicine for over thirty years.  I have used hypnosis, massages, acupressure, and a variety of other treatments to treat various physical, psychological, and emotional illnesses. As a Master of Reiki and a Master of Karuna, I am able to treat abdominal blockage and congestions, post psychological trauma, balance energy levels, and conduct aura readings. I have also been certified as a Master of Chikara-Reiki-Do, a practice that integrates Tibetan and Usui Reiki. After studying Mantak-Chia's System, I am able to strengthen the body and immune system and use colors to detoxify, cleanse, and clear energy levels in the system.  I have been initiated by the Grand Master Wong of Tibet and use the Qi-Gong System to provide alternative medicine. In 2006, I traveled to Brazil where I observed alternative healer John of God whose practices I have also adapted into my treatments.  I have been certified by Doreen Virtue, professor and author of The Angel Therapy Handbook, as a medium.

After studying with Steven Thayer at the Omega Institute I learned about the power of Integrated Energy Therapy® and how it could enhance the power of alternative medicine. I was also certified by Steven Thayer as a master instructor of IET which enables me to heal my clients and certify others up to the advanced level.  I also earned the certification to connect with the Healing Angels of the Energy Field and bring them into my sessions.


I have a Masters in Science from Adelphi University, New York, 1989 and a  Masters in Arts from Adelphi University, New York, 1994.

Services Offered

The following treatments/services are offered through Alternative Medicine:

·        Abdominal/chest blockages and/or pain

·        Post-Psychological Trauma and Prolonged Stress

·        As a supplementary treatment to Chemo/Radiation Therapy

·        To Balance Energy Levels

·        To Provide Aura Readings

·        Lupus and Eczema

·        Psychological, Emotional, and Physical Illnesses

·        Penile dysfunction (urination, sexual dysfunction)

·        Stuttering

·        I also conduct numerology readings

Courses Offered

       All courses can be taken in person or online directly with Mr. Reznik via Zoom and other face time applications.  Courses are offered in Integrated Energy Therapy and in Reiki.  There are three levels, each requiring a two-day commitment.  The courses include an attunement by the instructor and end with certification.  Students learn to help themselves and those close to them.  There is a fee for each course that includes the 14 hours of theory, attunement, and practice.  Those who wish to register for the advanced course, with a prerequisite in levels 1 and 2, can use their knowledge to work with others and potentially charge for their services.


Mr. Reznik, there are no words that can express how you have helped me during the past years.  I felt like my body was slowly deteriorating.  At the age of 45 I had zero energy.  I was suffering from digestive, circulatory and nervous system issues.  Through your wisdom, knowledge and immeasurable skills, you have rejuvenated me.

John, New York

Igor, Thank you for all you have done for me.  My Lupus finally has gone into remission and stayed there. I also have ceased to suffer from chest pains, and my kidneys started to show evidence of life.  Thanks to you, I have forgotten the last time I stayed in a   hospital. Once again, thank you for the rescue, and for giving me a better, prolonged life.

            Svetlana, New York

Igor, my doctor said that the lump in my breast has stopped getting bigger.  I still can’t get over how clearly you were able to see my condition despite the great distance between us.

            Maya, Israel

One of the many things that connect us all is our desire to be happy and to know peace. Poor health whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual is often a root cause of deep unhappiness and the lack of peace.  The Healing I have received from the hand of Igor Reznik has allowed me finally to be at peace in my own skin.  I went to him with several illnesses both physical and emotional and through regular treatment my immune system has rebounded.  I have increased energy, confidence and greater appreciation of my life and the people around me.  Mr. Reznik is not only a gifted Healer, but also he is a man of great compassion and wisdom and I look forward to my talks with him as much as I do the energy work I do with him.

Kierra, New York 

Mr. Reznik has made a great impact in my life.  I have been seeing Mr. Reznik for about three months and I'm a changed person.  Not only do I have energy, I also have a stronger personality and I have become wiser with my actions and how to choose my friends.  My uncle was severely ill last month and I immediately called Mr. Reznik who did his work over the phone. My uncle went from hospice to going home and I truly believe it was Mr. Reznik's Healing Power that saved him!

             Marianna, New York

There are no words to describe how Mr. Reznik changed my life; a friend who swore by him referred him to me.  I have never heard of Reiki or IET before, but I gave it a chance even though it seemed like nonsense at the time.  Almost immediately, friends noticed a positive difference in me.  I was significantly less stressed, much happier and full of energy.  I feel like I'm truly living life now and I thank God that Mr. Reznik is in it!

              Samantha, New York

Igor Reznik has opened the windows in my life, and let fresh air and sunshine breeze through.  There is no one on earth that I trust, admire and have complete confidence in more than Igor.  He has truly tapped into the universe's positive energies to help relieve me of huge issues, burdens and negative situations in my heart, mind and soul.  Igor understands the human condition and through education and different techniques he identifies, locates, and destroys the negative energies that are around us.  Thank you Igor, for you have improved and continue to improve my life and the way I live it.